You can get up to 90% off prescriptions with my top tip even though costs remain a ‘mystery’

A TOP-TIER doctor has revealed how patients who need expensive drugs can use online coupon codes to get up to 90 percent off prescriptions.

Drugs prescribed by doctors can be quite costly at times when your insurance doesn’t cover them.

A doctor said prescriptions may be cheaper online


A doctor said prescriptions may be cheaper onlineCredit: Getty

Dr. Keith Roach is a medical doctor who specializes in internal medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York.

Roach recently shared that you don’t have to fork out your life savings just to cover the cost of prescriptions, however.

“What insurance companies will pay remains almost a complete mystery,” he wrote.

“With some of my patients getting extremely expensive drugs for a $10 copay, while others are paying far more than I expect for drugs that used to be very inexpensive.”

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online voucher

Roach suggested an online website called GoodRx.

He said this could help to reduce the cost of their co-pay.

“What my patients pay using their coupons is sometimes less than the copays from their insurance,” Roach wrote.

The site allows you to search for different medications and compare the prices.

You can find free coupons, and it will suggest the best pharmacy to shop the medication you’re looking for.

One patient wrote to Roach: “Today I got a call from my usual big-chain pharmacy telling me my prescription was ready at a cost of $685 for a 10-day supply.

“I then found a website that offers coupons for prescriptions… a nearby big-chain grocery store pharmacy was offering the exact same drug and quantity for $77.99 with the online coupon.”

The patient was looking for Vancomycin, a drug used to treat digestive problems.

It is typically between $400 to $1000, depending on the supply, but after a coupon from GoodRx, it costs as little as $76.

“Unfortunately, drug companies know that people are willing to pay for some drugs, so sometimes you can’t save any money,” Roach said.

Medicare Extra Help program

Extra Help is a Medicare program to assist people with limited income and resources to pay for their drug prescriptions.

Some people automatically qualify for Extra Help while others have to apply.

How to qualify

People will qualify for the Extra Help Program if they receive full Medicaid coverage, help from their state paying Part B premiums, or receive Social Security income benefits.

The Medicare Part B premium is a monthly fee Medicare beneficiaries have to pay for coverage of doctor’s services such as lab tests or outpatient care.

What does Extra Help cover?

If you qualify for the Full Extra Help plan, then you pay $0.

You will pay up to $3.95 for each generic drug, but beginning in 2023, it will be increased to $4.15.

For each brand-name drug, you will pay up to $9.85, but in 2023, it will be increased to $10.35.

If you qualify for partial Extra Help, your plan deductible should be no more than $99, but in 2023, it should be no more than $104.

Your prescriptions should also not be more than 15 percent of the cost for each covered drug.

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Learn more about whether you qualify for Social Security benefits.

Plus, read about the difference between Medicare and Medicaid.

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