Young Civil Servants & Entrepreneurs, Foreign Reforms to Steer Govt’s ‘Vision India @ 2047’ Plan

Nucleus teams comprising 40 young award-winning civil servants, seed-stage and young entrepreneurs and IIT faculty members are emerging as the key to the formation of the ambitious ‘Vision India @ 2047’ plan of the Narendra Modi government.

Ten thematic areas have been identified based on the challenging futuristic governance policy endeavors. Administrative reforms in three countries – the USA, UK and the Republic of Korea – are being studied by government officials for incorporating their best practices in the plan and discussions have been done with their representatives, News18 has learned.

The 10 theme areas identified are: Energy and Net Zero, Education, Health Care and Assistive Technologies, Water, Infrastructure and Communications, Transport and Mobility, Urbanization and Housing, Rural Development and Agriculture, Fintech and Inclusion, and Information Security and Defense.

Forty nucleus teams, each consisting of one young IAS officer, one young faculty from an IIT, one seed-stage entrepreneur and one established young entrepreneur has been formed. The IAS officers have been chosen from the 2008-2014 batches as they are expected to be in key positions in the future in the run up to 2047. Most such officers have won either the PM Award for Excellence or the e-Governance award given by the Center.

Learning from International Experience

The government has been studying the administrative reforms carried out by the US, UK and South Korea to identify their best practices. In particular, the key initiatives of the US like General Performance and Results Modernization Act of 2010, the Evidence Based Policy Making Act of 2018, the US Innovation and Competition Act of 2021 and Transparency in Government Act of 2021 (Ethics in Government) have been examined.

The key initiatives of the Republic of Korea that are being studied are the Korea e-Governance Act, laying down the government innovation strategy, improving service delivery through a single-service window and an integrated one-stop public service portal for over 90,000 public services. Korea has also launched a portal for an intelligent digital government.

Time-bound collaborations are expected to be pursued with these three countries as well as Australia, France, Morocco and Gambia to assess the feasibility of incorporating some of the best practices of administrative reforms in other countries.

The Government of India is formulating a document for ‘Vision India @ 2047’ to identify long-term goals and corresponding short-term defined outcomes for this decade with timelines and milestones. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has described the exercise as one to bring citizens and government closer and strengthening good governance, which is pro-people and pro-active. The PM has asked for a ‘citizen first’ approach and further deepening outreach of the service delivery mechanism.

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